i. love. summer.

summer is in full swing in steamboat, and i am soaking in every moment of it. this past weekend was simply delightful. a few highlights...

i bought myself a little grill for my patio on saturday, and had a few girls over for dinner. lauren, britni & jeanne joined me for a sustainable white wine, grilled black bean burgers on english muffins, oven roasted sweet potato fries, a salad made of local greens, and another salad of black beans, tomatoes, fresh corn, avocado & cilantro. we sat outside and feasted, and it was fabulous.

sunday morning i went to a two hour yoga workshop celebrating the summer solstice. we chanted, we did sun salutations (12 cycles on each side to honor the 12 months in the year!), we chanted some more, and we did 'yoga nidra' (a type of meditation) for 45 minutes. i left feeling restored, energized and happy. i rode my bike back home smiling and saying hello to everyone i encountered!

in the afternoon, lauren and i went for a little hike up mad creek trail, just north of town. it was a dreamy blue day, few clouds in sight. i can't believe i hadn't been up mad creek before-- it is incredibly beautiful. i felt like i was in the sound of music. it is almost as stunning as the views in the zirkels, but a much shorter drive out of town.

it is so wonderful to have lauren back in town. i love my boys here in steamboat with all my heart, and i'm finally starting to make some girl friends, but there is nothing like having a really good friend around (especially one that is a cousin!).

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