i'm about three (four?) posts behind what i'd like to have written, but here's a quick one. summer has arrived in the boat! today, of course, is grey & 50 degrees, but in general it's been warm, sunny and delightful. i'm riding my bike as much as possible. i just hopped on my bike, rode home, and whipped up this lunch. now enjoying it back at my desk. sandwich is wheat bread, whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, and spinach leaves. i also made a smoothie-- frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, handful of spinach, vanilla yogurt, carrot juice & POM juice. i successfully made it only about 16 oz. when i make them for breakfast i fill up a whole nalgene bottle, and am often left way too full (but they just aren't nearly as good once they melt!).

anyway, cheers to summertime, delicious food, and riding bicycles!

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