"when you realize
how perfect everything is
you will tilt your head back
and laugh at the sky."

yesterday was one of those days where all day i could only think "how lucky am i? how blessed is my life!?".....
  • i have been reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. it took me a long time to get into it, but once i did, i was hooked. i woke up yesterday at 6:30 and began to read, instead of exercise. by 7:30, i knew i wasn't going anywhere until i finished the book. i texted my boss: "finishing girl with the dragon tattoo. can't stop. might be late to work." and i proceeded to make coffee and read read read. i didn't get to work at 10. yes, friends, i was late to work because i was reading. and it was okay, because my boss was the one who recommended the book. and because he came in at 10 the day before due to the world cup game. my job, and my boss, are the best.
  • it was a hot and sunny day out. we're talking almost 90 degrees here, folks. i had my office windows open, i was productive, it was fabulous.
  • i left work, on my bike, to run errands for the office downtown. i zipped down alleys, i got things done, i casually rode back home on the bike path. i smiled at everyone i saw.
  • i met molly on the bike path a bit later to ride back downtown for the young professionals network meeting. we mingled, we ate cheese cubes, and we listened to a panel of five local olympians tell us about their dreams, careers, and lives in steamboat. how cool is that? plus, two of them were vermonters (stowe and williston) and we had some bonding after the panel over learning to ski on ice, and how wonderful vermont is.
  • we then hopped back on our bikes, rode over the bridge, and settled in at sweet pea market for some sandwiches. sweet pea is our indoor-outdoor market here in town, and this summer they have built a deck right up next to the river. they make THE best sandwiches using as many local and organic products as possible. they are delightful. so, molly and i sipped organic wines, waited for kim & laura, and feasted on beautiful sandwiches. i had the Brie LT. yup. BLT with brie. on housemade foccacia. heeeeaven.
  • by 9, it was time to head home. i strapped on my lights and biked home in record time. i flew! the moon, which is full on saturday, was blowing boldly and beautifully and i literally sighed and thought "this is my life. i love it." over. and over. and over.

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