in case you can't tell, i've started following some food blogs. fear not-- i'm not about to start documenting all my meals and posting them on catch the truth. but, when i find something good, i want to share it! i've been trying greek yogurts occasionally since last summer, but haven't really gotten into them. recently i read an article explaining why they are such a good option- they are strained very thick, and pack in the protein. so i've tried a few kinds. this is by far the best! chobani 0%. with 16g of protein in a 6 oz container with 120 calories! it is rich, almost like sour cream. i like the vanilla and the raspberry flavors, i haven't tried strawberry, and i wasn't entirely crazy about peach. today i'm enjoying the vanilla with blueberries (i bought a giant carton on sale!) that are the size of small planets. yum. try it for yourself, and let me know your reviews.
what delicious discoveries have you made recently?


Cayla Skillin-Brauchle said...

do you ever look at smitten kitchen?? great food blog!

Jenna said...

i like to occasionally read patent in the pantry. i made the roasted tomato tart from there last night and yum it was so good!