colorado: two years out.

two years ago this morning, i left my behind my little steamboat world. i awoke with a bit of a headache from my farewell bash the night before, enjoyed bagels with my boys, finished packing and cleaning and scrambling, took a final gondola lap with brett, said tearful goodbyes to a few more friends, and hopped in my car loaded with the contents of my apartment, two pairs of skis, and a bicycle. 

i've now enjoyed life in vermont for two whole years. i've developed a wonderful life, enjoy a good job, and have settled into a sweet routine that includes family, best friends, and sweet dogs. moving across the country has brought brett & me closer, and now we have a wedding planned. for all of this, i am grateful.

this morning (without knowing that today is my departure anniversary) brett asked me how often i miss steamboat. the answer is that i miss steamboat all the time. not in a negative, life-sucks-now sort of way. just in an appreciative way. i loved my five years in colorado- the lifestyle, the people it brought into my life both at vista verde and in steamboat, the blue sky, and the growing up that i got to do there. i carry all of those lessons and memories with me here in vermont. 

the top three things that i miss--

1. my people. those dozen or so sweet friends who came riding, skiing, stumbling, and smiling into my life in moments of adventure or loneliness. for the laughter, the bike rides, the free concerts, the powder days, the dance parties and the happy hours that we shared together. some of those friendships have survived a few thousand miles of distance thanks to technology and effort, while others have not. friendships take time to develop, and consistent exchanges. we've got a few wonderful folks we're getting there with here, but patience and persistence are necessary. 
2. the community. those mountain people are some good folks and i met so many great people through my jobs, committees, fitness classes and more. i felt known and embedded in the community. despite spending the first 18 years of my life in montpelier, it's different to re-establish yourself as an adult in the community. i'm getting there, through committee participation, a partner who works in a prime downtown shop, and becoming more of a peer to the "grown ups" of my childhood. it's different, too, to not work right in the community where i live. 
3. the culture. i miss the powder clauses on snowy mornings, the short walk from my apartment to the office, the happy hours everywhere, the public buses, and the mountain town. in vermont, i appreciate the incredible food culture, the frequent live music, the enthusiasm for a variety of activities. i love that i can choose to go nordic skiing on a snowy day and not get grief for not hitting up a powder day on the mountain. i love that i can go for a casual bike ride and not feel as intimidated because i didn't ride a major pass, or mountain bike from one peak to the next. 

so, here's to carrying a little steamboat in my pocket. and continuing to appreciate all that vermont has offered me. 


Brett Schmeltz said...

Thanks for making me laugh and cry this morning. I miss you guys more than anything, but am so happy for what it's led to!

jenna said...

i loved this post. you are so good at reflecting (it's inspiring.) xo