• i am loving daylight in morning and evening.
  • maple yogurt with great granola is the best afternoon snack.
  • dogs are expensive to feed, maintain, and keep happy.
  • stairmasters make me sweat.
  • brett and i have three days off together starting tonight, and i am so excited. we're headed to the cape until monday. i think the last time we had three days off together (heck, probably even two days off together) was in september when we also went to the cape. feels like a little vacation!
  • my wedding dress is ordered (!). 
  • i can't stop listening to 'family of the year' at work and in the kitchen. 
  • my trip to canada was a total whirlwind, and ended up being one day shorter than planned. i flew from montreal to toronto for a meeting, and then flew back to montreal. never done that in one day before!
  • i think my ski season might be over. morses closed this past week, and sugarbush is closing mtn. ellen after this weekend. maybe i'll get in a day at lincoln peak the following weekend, but it seems unlikely.
  • where will i find the first crocus?
  • talking on the phone can be really fun.
  • the end.

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