hi friends. sorry it's been a little quiet over here lately. things are a bit busy right now, but i hope you'll keep stopping by.

  • friday nights can be the quietest evenings with the easiest dinners. tonight b and lu are out, and i somehow got excited to make a good dinner: roasted asparagus and butternut squash ravioli with a "clean out the fridge" ricotta basil parm sauce. delicious!
  • now i'm trying to decide how to spend my evening: pulling together some data for work, doing a project for the city committee i serve on, or watching grey's anatomy. what do you think will win?
  • i got a new hoodie from old navy last weekend. it was $13. it is so soft. i cannot stop wearing it.
  • this week i went on a day trip to montreal. for a two hour meeting. that was in french. 
  • next week i'm headed back to our neighboring country for meetings in montreal and toronto.
  • wedding planning is coming along splendidly: we have a venue and a date. we have a caterer and a dj. we have a rockstar wedding party. i've ordered my dress. and lots of other fun little things are coming along wonderfully. despite some stressful moments and a quick timeline, wedding planning is quite fun!
  • i am loving the extra daylight in the evenings. what a difference it makes.
  • i want to see the alabama shakes. i doubt they will come anywhere near here. 
  • it snowed this week. surprisingly, it was relatively light, good quality snow. i got to enjoy a morning ski with mom & lu at morses, and brett had his 'best ski day in vermont' at sugarbush with friends. 
  • i want to go to the beach oh so badly. our big plans for a spring beach trip (to mexico? bahamas? somewhere warm and delightful) got overrun by our engagement (jeez!) so now i just get to start dreaming of a honeymoon. and plot long weekend trips to florida. and then get realistic. le sigh.
  • today was grandmommy's birthday. it's been three years since she passed away, and i still miss her so often. 
  • i discovered this gelato. particularly the sea salted caramel. nothing is better. nothing, i tell you.

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