tuesday tidbits.

  • the sky is blue today. oh, so blue. get me out there!
  • part of this morning's workout involved being a human rubber band. or really, being a human inside a giant rubber band connected with my rockstar workout buddy jen. running and shuffling and laughing a lot.
  • digging the band 'family of the year.' i learned yesterday that they are playing nearby on april 6th and promptly made plans to go. not missing out this time!
  • do you like buffalo chicken? i didn't think i did, until about a year ago, when i fell in love. i've made this buff chicken pizza a few times (i just make it on a regular crust instead of french bread. i'm sure french bread is also delicious).
  • i'm going on a canadian adventure this week! not nearly as exciting as this one was, though.
  • today is the birthday of my college friend emma. sometimes she reads this blog. so today i say, cheers to you, e! 

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Amy said...

thank you for always introducing me to great new music or reminding me about some of my favorites :)