sunday funday.

it's rare that brett & i get to enjoy a day off together, so it can feel a bit like a holiday when we do. today we had a slow start to the day, enjoyed our coffee & made french toast. we headed outside to harvest the last of the garden before it froze solid into the ground-- two bowls of rainbow carrots and a bunch of leeks. we left the kale as it can withstand the snow. it was so fun to be out digging (and wearing my carhartts!). lu did her best to help and got quite muddy in the process. then we took our messy selves to the park for a walk.

this afternoon we headed up to a coworker's birthday celebration. it was a small gathering, and i've felt rather honored to be invited both last year and this. i brought brett along this go-around and we enjoyed a tasty midafternoon meal. this was our third social event this weekend with three separate social circles. we were rather impressed with ourselves.

we had a productive spurt upon getting home-- making the bed, watering plants, and then playing in the kitchen: i cleaned and chopped the garden crops for soup later this week, sharing & freezing. brett made baked oatmeal to provide us with some breakfasts this week, and i made a double batch of dad's delicious salad dressing to encourage some healthy eating amidst the holiday indulgences.

and now, sleepytime tea & a few pages of reading.

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Cayla Skillin-Brauchle said...

this is the cutest post! i love you 3!