old friends.

when i decided to move back to vermont, one thing i was particularly excited about was the ability to see some of my childhood friends more regularly-- because everyone comes home to visit parents at some point, and i would get to see them, too! it turns out for the first year, not many of my friends were home to visit. but over the last few weeks, i was fortunate to share some quality time with a few of my most longstanding friends. i'm eager for the christmas season when i will get to see a few more, as well. 

i have stayed incredibly close with a good handful of my dearest childhood friends, and i know how rare this is. among other friends i have had, they have remained much closer with their friends from college than those they knew in high school or before. of my large (15-20ish) group of high school girlfriends, there are still nine whom i remain friends with, and a handful who remain my very best girls. for their knowledge, laughter, confidence, trust & for our shared history, i am oh so grateful!

"there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends."
-ani difranco

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Alaya said...

I always love your blogposts, but especially like this one!