• gratitude for workplace yoga, excessive sugar, a puppy who loves cuddling as much as she loves catching her frisbee, spontaneous burger date nights at kismet, coworkers who wear antlers with me, and a workout partner who inspires me every morning. 
  • loving macklemore & ryan lewis.
  • our christmas tree is up & it could not make the home feel cozier. 
  • i'm having some technological issues with adding photos- apparently i've exceeded my quota and need to pay for more storage. trying to work a way around that, but bear with me and the lack of fun images!
  • missing my colorado crew & powder days. they got a good dump this week and i enjoyed some images texted from the slopes. hoping we'll get some this weekend.
  • did you catch any of the meteor shower? i saw a few stunning shooting stars.
  • my current favorite meal might be the easiest ever. teriyaki salmon, roasted asparagus, and a grain (couscous? rice? whatever. as long as it has more teriyaki on it.). healthy, delicious, easy- what could be better?

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