good service.

having worked in a number of resort/retail/tourism jobs, brett always commends good customer service. i also value it but with less verbal celebration. but i just have to say-- a good spirit goes a long way. i got gas at sunoco last night, which is full service (they pump for you! it was raining and i could not resist). i didn't recognize the older gentleman working, but i thoroughly enjoyed his friendly demeanor and ability to joke about other customers (who were in quite a hurry). he washed my back window as the gas finished pumping, proclaimed my solo bumper sticker the best he's seen in a while ('find what you love, love what you find'), and wished me a very merry christmas and told me to have a great evening. his positive energy stuck with me for a few hours last night, and clearly is still with me now! it was a good reminder of the effect that your own attitude- positive or negative- can have on all those around you.

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