the very best saturday.

brett and i enjoyed a rare day off together on saturday. while i always have weekends off, brett doesn't have the same days off each week. so since moving to vermont, our days together have been precious. for a while in steamboat, we always had weekends together and i can say with certainty that we took that time together for granted. even when brett was managing a ski shop there, we always had sundays together for skiing & fun.

this saturday, we started off with a trail run in the park, exploring a whole section of the park i'd never set foot before. it was an unseasonably mild morning, with low fog burning off to spectacular blue. while i'd never call myself a runner, i do enjoy a slow run on a trail. lu ran circles around us while we ran steadily for about an hour.

we took our muddy selves to the farmers market for some beets, apples & cheese. home for a shower, a few errands, and we were off to plainfield to try the new brunch menu at positive pie. it was a cozy spot & a tasty meal. saturday happened to be our good friend schmeltz's birthday, so we toasted to him from afar with bloody mary cocktails.

we hopped back in the car and headed out to a new(ish) brewery that's making one of brett's current favorite brews. we enjoyed the sunshine and sampled a variety of hill farmstead beer. we let lu run around the field and explore. so fun!

on our way back into town, we stopped at morse farm for a maple creemee. we got home, ready to settle in, and then were invited to meet up with some friends for dinner. so we headed right back out for dinner in waterbury.

it was a packed (and pricy!) day-- and as brett said, 'one full of memories.'
here's hoping we get another glorious weekend day together soon!

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