oh friday, so nice to see you.

it's been a hectic few weeks. my last full week in the office was the week of august 27th, and my next full week will be the week of october 29th. a combination of mini-vacations, work travel, and offsite meetings & trainings is sending me all over the place, and it's hard to maintain my work-life balance while still trying to stay on track at work. this week we had brett's parents & grandmother visiting, which was so lovely but also added another element of busyness to an already scattered week. this morning we said farewell and sent them on the road back to indiana, and while it was bittersweet to see them off- i am very eager for thai takeout and to settle back in to our little world.

one day this week i was feeling particularly worn down by the pressure of too much to do and too little time. we'd been out late the night before and i hadn't gotten enough sleep (which never goes well for me). i rushed through my workday trying to tackle too many tasks at the same time, dropping pieces and rushing through others. i left early for a doctors appointment, racing down the highway to arrive on time. by the time i was done, i knew i needed to do something to recharge. i rearranged my remaining hour to fit in a particularly sweaty stairmaster session at the gym, and then put on my rainboots and headed out to the garden to harvest a few veggies. this combination of two of my best recharge activities did just the trick, and i was a much better person by the time we all headed up to my parents house for a nice dinner. i'm often surprised how easily i can actually create a better day.

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