a year with a dog.

a year ago, brett and i met after work and headed to a nearby kennel to meet a group of sisters who had recently been rescued. we were greeted by three little furry, squirmy creatures (one had already been adopted). we played with them for about an hour before we agreed upon the one we would bring home. she had four little white paws and a neat blaze on her chest.

lu & her sisters

lu has grown from 12 pounds to 51, and we've had quite the year. raising a puppy, and owning a dog, has been just as much work as i expected it would be. however, i love our little lady more than i ever anticipated. i love snuggling her as much as i love running with her and watching her tumble around with her best friend od. i love her wagging tail and happy greetings, and i love that brett & i both enjoy her so much.

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