last week.

the most peaceful moment of my week. driving to fairlee.

it was another hectic week. i spent two days of the week down in fairlee for a farm to plate plan meeting-- which was great! the local food energy in vermont is incredible, and the momentum is only growing.  i also found a bike at the hotel and rode around the lake twice. it's always interesting to see aloha in the off season-- something i've become familiar with growing up in vermont, visiting during work gang, and now attending two conferences on lake morey. the camps looks so quiet and well tucked in for a long winter, but there's also this little buzz of energy there. i know how vibrant and alive the camps are for a few warm months of the year, and there's a little bit of soul belonging to so many of my people that reaches out for a little squeeze when i pass along the road.

back in the office for the end of the week felt like a never-ending crawl up my massive task list. i believe i have one of the most interesting jobs around, but that does not mean it is easy. the last few weeks have just felt crazy, as i've been out of the office for at least 1-2 days every week since august (for fun, trainings, work travel, or conferences). my time out of the office has caught up with me and there is just too much to do and not enough time to do it. by the end of the week, i was exhausted.

luckily, i had a refreshing weekend enjoying some of my favorite activities with people i love. what's better than that? 

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