Weekend of Awesome, Part IV

Aside from the show I wanted to attend, one of the major reasons I didn't go backpacking with the crew was because I knew I wanted some downtime this weekend. Today has been the best downtime ever. The theme of today is 'doing awesome things for people i love.' I can't go into too much detail because many of the people I love (hi! i love you too!) read this and I'd rather not say. Even if you don't get a surprise, I still love you.

Today- I woke up, got my computer, and listened to bluegrass (Hit & Run, Crooked Still, Bearfoot) in my bed while finishing my book. Which is great. "Listening is an Act of Love"-- a collection of stories from recordings from StoryCorps. If you don't know about StoryCorps, please go learn: www.storycorps.org. I adore StoryCorps, and used to try to plan my drives on Friday mornings to catch a story on Morning Edition on NPR- at 6:20 or 8:20 am. Now, as I rarely drive, I miss it unless I happen to be on my way to 6:30 yoga on Friday mornings. One of my college roommates, Rach, worked for StoryCorps after college, and it is just the coolest concept. Tiny snapshots into ordinary lives.

Anyway. Post-reading, I did some 'awesome things' (see above) simultaneous with laundry, and then headed to the library for some interneting, blogging, book-returning, etc. Now I'm heading to a bbq joint that happens to be next door to the lib to meet up with the weary backpackers returning from the Zirkels for an impromptu little birthday bbq. Cheers to a relaxing and fabulous Sunday.

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