i'm having lunch at my desk today. hi, post-it notes and papers everywhere! i've been obsessed with this salad for exactly one week now. i was eating it once or twice a day last week, but decided to take a few days off so i didn't burn out on it. i went back to it today, and it's still as delicious as i thought. spinach (last week i used arugula also) topped with craisins, blue cheese crumble and walnuts. the dressing is annie's naturals roasted red pepper. i've been through almost an entire bottle in a week (i did take it to a small dinner party). that's never happened. anyway- yum.


jenna said...

i ate that same salad all winter but with annie's balsamic dressing (try it.) also am loving spinach, goat cheese, and strawberries. yum. xo

efd said...

yum. sberries and goat cheese on spinach was my salad of choice last summer. it's prob time to break that back out. did i try the annie's balsamic when i visited in march? whatever dressing we had then was delic. xoxo