Best of "The Record"

I've been keeping a collection of police reports ever since I started reading the paper regularly at the Foundation. All of the "Octobers" are not necessarily from the same year. Here are few for you to enjoy:

May 12. 1:19 pm. Police were called to a report of a theft in Central Park Plaza. A man who reportedly was seen stealing an 18-pack of beer two hours prior had returned to the grocery store and was reportedly walking out of the store with a jar of tartar sauce. When officers searched the man's bag, they discovered he was also attempting to steal a box of fish sticks.

October 28. 8:41 am. Police were called to a report of a theft in the 300 block of 12th Street where several statues, including a 3-foot-tall chain-saw-carved  cowboy, were reportedly missing from the front yard of a house.

December 7. 12:48 pm. Police got a complaint by a woman in Steamboat that someone would not give her snow tires back to her unless she returned a pair of sunglasses. The woman didn't know what sunglasses the person was talking about. Officers mediated the situation.

October 27. 10:58 am. Police were called to a report of a shoplifter in the first block of Anglers Drive where a 16-year-old boy reportedly stole two bags of beef jerky from a convenience store. The boy's mother reportedly brought him back to the store and an officer issued him a "promise to appear," a summons for juveniles.

October 26. 3 pm. Police were called to a request for an officer in the 2100 block of Mount Werner Road where a woman reportedly was locked in a car wash when the front door of the car wash would not open. The woman was reluctant to get out of her car, and an attendant was contacted to open the car wash door.

October 21. 12:20 pm. Police were called to a report of a SUV stolen from Central Park Plaza. Officers drove the woman who reported her SUV missing around the parking lot, where she found the SUV where she parked.

August 8. 8:05 pm. Police were dispatched to a complaint that a brown Volkswagen was cruising around in the 2900 block of West Acres Drive. Officers contacted the driver, a teenager who was learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle with a parent.

June 14. 12:15 pm. Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious person in the area of mile marker 143 of US 40. The person was picking ferns.

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roughit said...

ahhh i love this! i used to read similar stuff in the arlington newspaper... good entertainment :)