Weekend of Awesome, Part III

I. Love. Live. Music. I love music in general, and have had a "good ear" since I was a young girl. Dad and I would drive in our old volkswagens listening to Van Morrison and the Grateful Dead, and both parents were always surprised when I knew the words to Van's fishbowl song and others. I discovered the joy of live music in high school-- most notably at a pair of Dispatch concerts I went to with FiveAlive. Through those moments, and many others, my world was changed by the energy of the bands, by the bodies dancing in their own fluid ways, and by the effect that seeing a band live carried back into their recorded music when I revisited it. I typically prefer to see bands whose music I am already familiar with-- so that that eager anticipation of recognition will form as they begin a song. But I'm also open to new sounds and songs, of course. Last night was the perfect combination. I had seen that a group called Bearfoot was playing at Strings Music Festival in town, and while I hadn't heard of them prior to seeing it advertised, I knew they looked good. I checked out their myspace page (yes, myspace still has its perks! music perhaps being the only one?) and listened through their songs a few times and was sold. I emailed the press release and myspace link to a few friends I thought might be swayed to join me despite a substantial ticket price. By last weekend, I'd downloaded one of their cds off iTunes and I was hooked. Luckily my awesome friend Torre was also convinced by the myspace page, and we decided to go for it.

It was the best decision ever. We ended up with front row seats, and the band was amazing. Upbeat jams, mellow lyrical songs, they had me grinning. We left saying "they were awesome! this was great! i love music!" over and over. Aside from the band putting on a fabulous show, it was also just so nice to switch up the scenery around here. To dress up a little, sit in a seat (as much as I wanted to get up and dance!) in a beautiful pavilion, drink a glass of wine and be a "grown up" enjoying a lovely Saturday night.

I highly encourage you to check out Bearfoot. They have a Nickel Creek kinda sound, and I'm confident you'll love them.


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jenna said...

listening to them right now. keep the music recommendations coming... xo