Oh, sweet summer. July has arrived. I awoke to a hot sunny room this morning, and I knew I would have to shave my legs again to keep up my wear-a-dress-to-work-week. I know it's the thick of summer because I can bike or walk to work with bare arms, and open my office windows wide as soon as I get in. I know it's true summer because local corn is on sale 4 ears for $1, and peaches are starting to fill the shelves. I know summer is truly underway because there are 3 new alpaca babies out at the farm (I talked to Carol yesterday. I'm homesick for alpacas and yurts and Ken & Carol).

I don't have real internet at my apartment. I have fake internet, by which I mean that I am stealing it from a neighbor, and most of the time it works for about 4-15 minutes at a time. My morning routine is to get up, make coffee, and fuss with the internet for about 10 minutes. It's a complete waste of time. And the sunlight is best on my little patio in the morning. So, I'm making a real effort to make my coffee, and take it out to the patio. Breakfast too. Those 10 minutes of warm sunshine and relaxation set me up for a far better day than a little internet time, or a whole lotta error messages. Today I enjoyed my coffee with a couple of slices of the zucchini bread I baked last night, with a smear of cream cheese. Delicious.

As I sat enjoying my breakfast and sunlight, I heard these huge whoooosh sounds. Low and behold, a hot air balloon came cresting over the condos across the lawn. I mean, really?

Who has hot air balloons come drifting by their morning view? Here's the thing. This happened on Saturday too. It all comes back to that quote I started a post with last week.

"when you realize
how perfect everything is
you will tilt your head back
and laugh at the sky."

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