Weekend of Awesome, Part II

Saturday morning, part of the crew headed back to Steamboat, and part headed off on a backpacking overnight trip around the Zirkel Circle. I opted to stick with a one-day hike, and embarked on a hike to Mica Basin. The last time I'd been to Mica was 4 years ago when I worked at Vista Verde, and while many of the curves of the trail felt incredible familiar, I had very little recollection of how far along I was at those curves, meadows, rocks, etc. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I loved the combination of working my muscles up the mountains, the breezes and birds and river sounds, and the quiet reflection time for myself. Unfortunately it was a little cloudy while I was actually at Mica Lake, but I sat and snacked briefly before layering up and departing down. I was ravenous by the time I was back at my car, so I stopped at one of my old favorite spots from my Vista Verde days. I used to drive or bike up, snacks and books and journal in tow, and find solace and escape from the busy hustle and social scene of VVR. Today I had no book or journal along, but I had plenty of snacks-- triscuits, sharp cheddar, and salami. Yum. Satisfied, I hopped back in the car and drove home with a big grin and a full heart, sweat-soaked, singing along to an old cd (shoutout to Quints03), windows all the way down and one arm waving in the wind. Pure Joy. 

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