Signs of Fall

Fall has definitely hit the Boat. I can feel it in the crisp, clear days but even more so in the dark, chilly nights. My slippers are back in action, and this morning I switched from my summery short robe to my giant fleecy robe in a moment of freeze when I hopped out of bed. I even turned on the heat in the bathroom briefly.

I can hear crispy leaves blow across the parking lot outside, and there was just a hint of yellow on the higher parts of my drive yesterday. The scrub oak around town is turning more red by the day, and the fields have a distinct brown to them.

Despite the lack of "school" in my life, going back to school always meant new jeans when I was growing up. I made a quick stop at the Gap Outlet over the weekend for new jeans, and wearing them today has given me a strong sense of "Ok Fall, here I am."

Don't get me wrong. I am a summer girl. I adore summertime, and this summer in particular has been exceptional. I've been dreading the closure of the long summer days. the sight of my container garden fading after the first frost, the need to pull on an extra layer. But finally, fall feels nice. It feels like going home to be revisiting my scarves and layers, to put an extra blanket on the bed, to dream of crunchy leaves, yellow hillsides, and crisp apples.

So, welcome fall...

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