Kale Chips & Self Love

i've been reading about kale chips all over the place recently. kale is a superfood, and i've never been exactly sure what to do with it. kale chips sounded like an interesting concept-- chopped kale, tossed in olive oil, s & p, and then baked in the oven until crispy. dipped in ketchup. they were... ok. i think part of the issue was trying to pair the kale chips with an italian dish. maybe it would have gone better with a burger or something. instead, the other half of the plate was spinach pasta, tomato sauce, onions & amazing sausage. maybe not to be paired again... 
what's your favorite thing to do with kale?

after a good workout at the gym, i took my time with grocery shopping, body product shopping, and buying myself some sunflowers & snapdragons that were on sale! i adore having fresh flowers in my apartment... it makes everything so cheery and i love treating myself to them. the sunflowers felt so fallish, while the snapdragons were more summery. the perfect transition bouquet for the first week of september!

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jenna said...

olive oil
little water or veg. stock


when done add a little red wine vinegar and s&p

delicious and easy!