happy friday!

i am digging this song today. it was on gossip girl this week, and it's simply fabulous for autumn.

other delightful fall (and not fall) wonders--
  • the harvest moon. wow was that beautiful last night.
  • heavenly blue skies, crispy leaves, yellow hillsides.
  • riding my bike through said crispy leaves and the delicious sound that makes.
  • a beautiful patty larkin & lucy kaplansky concert at strings with miss molly.
  • fried seafoods at the young professionals network.
  • my first seasonal trip up to visit the ski area execs.
  • a quick quick quick chat with a long lost friend.
  • new music.
  • a random run-in with tourists from upper new york state. their kids live in vermont & the woman worked at vassar for years. hello small world.
  • more small world- finally meeting a camp friend's college friend who just moved back to steamboat. once i figured out who she was, i literally said "HI MY NAME IS ELIZA AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS!" talk about overly enthusiastic outreach. ha.
  • two of my favorite boys in town for the weekend on a break from their fire crew. looking forward to catching up & hiking this weekend.

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