friday night

i can't remember the last time i was so excited for a friday. this week was packed full with a board meeting, bi-annual grant deadline, Impact 100 kickoff party, as well as all of the usual. by this morning i was feeling exhausted and ready for some downtime. i was done at work around five, and went for about an hour walk in the sunshine. i did the same loop last week, but it was far more pleasurable because i was having a phone date with jen. tonight it was just me, the ipod & the sun... but it was a nice way to unwind. i made an heirloom tomato, fresh moz & homegrown basil salad for dinner, and paired it with a glass of wine leftover from Impact 100. delicious. the yellow heirloom was incredible. combine all of that with some grey's anatomy catchup and a couple of chocolates, and you've got one happy sister on her way to relaxation. 

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