on marriage: two months in.

today marks b & my two month anniversary. in some ways, it already feels as though we've been married for ages but at the same time i can't believe it's already been two months since that most memorable and special day!

does it feel different? it feels more permanent. every day we are on the same team, even in the moments when we might be pushing against each other. every day i am excited to get home to be with b & lu.

in that short period of time i feel like we've already faced a number of significant challenges: family sickness, substantial job challenges for each of us, truck problems, family death, injuries, big decisions, changes to our social life, and more. i know the challenges may only get bigger as we get older, and someday we might look back on that list and chuckle at how hard we thought things were back when.

and we've also enjoyed some really wonderful things: a relaxing mini-moon on lake champlain, a coastal tour of portsmouth and maine, bike rides on country roads, a few little dinner parties, some walks in the woods, and laughter. together, we'll push through the tough and enjoy the fun.

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