2013 has been a big year, for me and for so many others in my life. my people have started new careers, moved across the country (and back, for some), started life-changing relationships, bought first homes, had babies, ended committed relationships, gotten married, and more. yes, these things occur all the time every year, but 2013 has felt big in so many ways. 

perhaps the most unique landmark of 2013 has been my dear friend kate's journey on foot. last winter kate made the big decision to shake things up: leave her job, sublet her apartment, pack everything up for storage, and go hike the appalachian trail. in march she headed to georgia to start hiking the trail, unsure of how far she would make it or how the endeavor would go. last month, kate summited mt. katahdin after walking 2,180 from georgia to maine. 

all summer, three of these landmarks made me tear up with happiness when i paused to think about them: my wedding day, the birth of my very best friend's baby, and kate's daily accomplishments as she trekked north. a little too long reflecting, a particular song on the radio, and you sometimes had me crying with joy for these tremendous accomplishments and moments. within a few weeks, all three actually took place: my early september wedding, teo's birth in late september, and kate summitting in early october. this series of incredibly unique but amazing events reminds me: we're all on our own individual journeys, and we must stop to reflect on the big moments as they pass us by. 

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Jenna said...

I am so impressed by Kate's major accomplishment. What a rock star!

PS your blog has been such good reading lately (it's great company during Teo's late night nursing sessions.)