gratitude lately.

i've been a little quiet over here, because things have been a little tough lately. the important things-- they are okay. but between some changes at work, a cold that left me hacking, a backache that has me going to the chiropractor, and the passing of my step-grandfather... it's hard not to settle into a routine of self pity. but i can honestly say that there is also a lot to be grateful for as well.

and so, let's appreciate the good.

gratitude for dinner parties with friends. the first time teo smiled at me. a new pair of booties. pork tacos with guacamole. for time with friends- new friends & the oldest of friends. gratitude for the first night with a down comforter while the snow falls outside. for a good book, sleepytime tea and an episode of orange is the new black. for wonderful friends celebrating an engagement, and the anticipation of a baby's arrival. for putting a little extra effort into my outfit on a day that i am dreading. gratitude for my workout group and their motivation. gratitude for learning alongside b and being a team.

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Jenna said...

I felt super grateful to be warm and cozy in my house tonight watching the first real snowfall. It was so pretty out and all the neighborhood kids were taking advantage of the weather to go late night (by which I mean 9:30) sledding. Hearing their laughter and delight was priceless.