i lovermontpelier day.

this saturday is annually one of my most favorite days in montpelier. it's the perfect reminder of one of the main reasons i chose to move back to vermont:
the strong sense of community. 

the coop hosts their annual wellness fair which features many of their vendors. think a farmers market without the pressure of samples. a room full of cheese, apples, cookies, drinks and more to taste, plus all the organic soap, vitamins and more to bring home. amazing. additionally, yoga mountain hosts their annual open house, which involves a full day of free yoga classes and little treats. toss in a dog walk for a little time spent outdoors, and you have one happy camper over here. both the fair and the yoga open house are always full of familiar and content faces.
i literally just walk around feeling 'vermonty' all day.

today i felt an even stronger sense of community because of a downtown cash mob! what's a cash mob? a group of engaged citizens got together to come up with ways to support our local downtown business because many of them have suffered due to construction and other woes this summer and fall. the result: bring back an idea first brought to the area several years ago. gather locals, who each bring $, select several local businesses. appear, with your dollars, and purchase from them. today about 60 folks gathered, diverged on 4 local stores, and then gathered to celebrate at a new local bar. i bought a book from our local used book store, and some treats from a candy shop. how much do i love montpelier? so much. my dad was one of the primary organizers, and i had so much fun joining the crew. he is a role model for local engagement and working to keep montpelier the vibrant community that we love.

let's hope there's another one soon!

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