smitten kitchen.

let's talk about smitten kitchen. do you visit this food blog? it's delightful and delicious. in addition to joy the baker (hello polenta!), it's a favorite site to visit. i've yet to make a recipe that i didn't love.

this weekend i made deb's lemon ricotta pancakes for a sunday brunch feast. the flavors were amazing. the texture was a bit mushy when it should have been fluffy, but i think that's due to me under-whipping the egg whites. the cooked apples were yummy, and a little side of bacon balanced out the sweet quite well.

last night i made the strawberry-rhubarb crumble. i cut the sugar slightly, topped it with vanilla ice cream, and called it perfect. my folks came over to enjoy it with us.

other smitten kitchen favorites are my go-to pumpkin muffin recipe and blueberry muffin recipe.

ps- deb also has a cookbook. i don't have it, but given the quality of her recipes on the blog i'm sure it's wonderful.


jenna said...

the cookbook is beautiful and the recipes are delicious. phoebe gave it to me for christmas and it's become a go to for me. i highly recommend it.

Amy said...

Love them both! I have the Joy the Baker cookbook and love just looking at it.