on enjoying your own company.

it's a fine art: enjoying your own company. i've had a weekend that felt like i was practicing this constantly. in general, i think i'm great at being my own friend, enjoying my solo time, and finding peace in the quiet. and when i saw this quote on a blog on friday, i thought 'yeah!' i was home solo with a an indie romantic comedy, a beer and a homemade pizza. it was quiet and i was oh so content. but too much time with myself? i get bored. yesterday i spent the whole day, and night, with only the company of miss lu. i did my chores, prepped for celebrating brett's birthday, ran in the woods, lifted at the gym, made delicious things, and walked the dog. i waited for company- and didn't get it. today has been a better balance- brunch at kismet with brett followed by my first bike ride of the season, a solo dirt road ride. tonight we're having friends over for a birthday bbq- and i simply cannot wait. i think i've gotten enough restorative solo time. bring on the fun! the chatter! the laughter!

how much solo time is enough for you?

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jenna said...

i love, love a friday night solo after a hectic week- it can feel so restorative. i'm with you though that a whole day and night can feel a bit endless when it's just me, myself, and i with no end in sight.

i hope the fabulous party you threw last night chased away any lingering of the loneliness blues!