moments to appreciate.

  • having a best friend to whom you can say things like, "sometimes i just wish our brains were bluetoothed or wired together so i could tell you all the random tidbits i want to share that aren't worth a call, note or text." and having her not look at you oddly.
  • lilacs and crabapple trees blooming everywhere around town. the floral aroma blowing across the yards and along the street. sticking my nose right up inside of the flowers, and exhaling as hard as i can only to inhale again. the smell so sweet it brings tears to my eyes.
  • a baby shower for a childhood friend. quite different from birthday parties and prom-- our group is now celebrating weddings and babies together.  as part of the crew yesterday, we had a mama, two mama-to-bes, and a bride-to-be. six of my high school friends either have or will have babies by the end of 2013. this stage of life snuck up on me mighty quickly!
  • a birthday party for a friend, and a whole new crew of folks. twinkle lights, live music, kids racing around, brisket, and the darkest chocolate cake. 
  • the week ahead: dreamgirls at the flynn, a belated mother's day celebration, an early birthday celebration, and the corporate cup 5k.

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jenna said...

i was thinking last night what a great weekend it was. sure am loving spring right now.