an abundance of gratitude.

for the seemingly never-ending "summer days" we are experiencing in this first week of may: 70s, 80s, perfect blue skies, warm breezes. for the dinners enjoyed on the porch, the grill cooking burgers, the grass lounging, the porch reading. for the hint of sunburn quickly turned tan. for progress on wedding planning (a photographer! a website! a registry! wedding band shopping!), enthusiastic emails among friends, and strange dreams that all involve the wrong place, the wrong time, or the wrong dress. for the first outdoor farmers market, a long walk in the woods, dogs swimming in the river, and stoop chatter & meal planning. for an outdoor beer festival, dinner with family, and a wonderful trail run. for the oldest of friends sharing laughter and heartache. for a phone call from the appalachian trail full of tales of adventure. for a freshly prepped garden, seeds for lettuce, beets, kale, and for tulips smiling in front of our porch. for sweet neighbors, a good book, and a fan in the window.

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jenna said...

doesn't it seem so easy to be grateful and happy when the weather is this beautiful?