incorporating camp into my summer days.

lupe and i went for an early walk in the park this morning, and we saw only a few other folks. the quiet air, chirping birds, and floor of pine needles got me thinking about camp, and about the ways i incorporate camp into my every day life-- particularly in the summer. here are just a few...
  • walk in the woods regularly. enjoy the scent of pine needles and trees.
  • listen for the birds, cicadas and crickets.
  • hike a mountain often. preferably weekly.
  • when you get too hot, go for a swim. 
  • npr's the writers almanac makes for a very nice morning assembly piece. 
  • enjoy the quiet moments. 
  • sing when you feel like it.
  • enjoy the sun shining through the trees-- it can be magical.
  • play in boats.
  • grilled cheese & tomato soup is always good for a rainy day. 
  • bring a raincoat. 
  • everything is better with a friend by your side. 

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