I started a post one morning last week from Vermont. Clearly there was too much fun to be had, and it was abandoned. But here is what was saved--

"I'm in Vermont. My days have been lovely so far-- filled with good time spent with my parents and dear friends. I have missed the past three winters in Vermont (and in turn 4 Thanksgivings and 3 Christmases with my family) and I forgot just what Vermont winter is like. The sky is a hazy grey, not dreary neither vibrant. The trees have all dropped their leaves, and it seems like small snowflakes and have been falling and blowing all week. No accumulation, just a touch of dancing snow. There's about 10 inches of snow on the ground in Montpelier, but Burlington was mostly dry."

My vacation was, to use a familiar word, delightful. The comfort of being with family and friends, of walking up and down the East State St hill, of recognizing former teachers, neighbors & schoolmates everywhere I went was all so wonderful. I was reminded of so many of the aspects of Montpelier's community that I now use as a baseline in comparing other locations.

Highlights of Vermont?
  • Dinner at Sarducci's with my parents
  • Choosing a Christmas tree at Morse Farm & enjoying a maple cremee despite the cold
  • Decorating the Christmas tree. After missing so many holidays, it was like catching up with old friends as we pulled the ornaments out of the boxes. Egg Nog & holiday music favorites, too!
  • Cocoa & catchup at Langdon St with Cayla and Alaya
  • Picking up Jenna at the airport and enjoying Burlington (esp a delicious Red Onion sammy!)
  • Cross-country skiing at Morse Farm with Jenna
  • Lunch with Daddy-o
  • Silk Long Underwear
  • Last minute shopping with Mom
  • Hunger Mtn Co-op
  • Christmas Eve Service at the Unitarian Church, particularly the lighting of our candles and the reflections in the chandeliers
  • Quality Xmas Eve time at the Kidneys with neighbors
  • Cozy present opening & Pamela's pancakes on Christmas morning!

And then we were off to Hartford for 3 days to spend time with the Dodds. Grandmommy was so thrilled to have us there for Christmas, and we had a wonderful visit. It was also great to see my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins. I got a new camera for Christmas and enjoyed using it while there.

Leaving seems to get harder each time. Why do my trips always go too quickly?

I returned to Steamboat early on Monday and settled back into work on Tuesday. I'm glad to say that I didn't dread returning to work and that things are going smoothly. Town is hopping with visitors & snow is falling! I'm missing Vermont terribly but am happy to be back, and to actually have friends here to welcome me.

I hope the holidays have been wonderful for each of you, and hope 2010 brings you many blessings and happiness!


Alaya said...

I only wish you could have stayed longer!

Jenna said...

i loved, loved having you home for christmas. i'm glad to hear that you had such a nice visit as well, but that you're also doing just fine back in co. the transition b/w hometown and new town is always hard for me as well. hope we can have a phone date soon to catch up. xo