letters to teo.

this may or may not be the first in a new little series. we'll see.

dear teo,
today you are one week old. to me, this past week has felt like a full lifetime but at the same time it's truly flown by. a week ago, brett & i were driving home from portsmouth eager to meet you. you and your mom & dad were groggy and recovering from your grand entrance into this world.

on monday, i got to come meet you at the birthing center- i felt so honored. you were so tiny and you snuggled right into my arms and promptly fell asleep for most of two hours. it was hard to believe you were real, and also overwhelming how much i loved you at my first (slightly teary) look. your parents were beaming with joy and pride. you are a skinny little bug and you have your mother's coloring. your eyes are dark blue but the color will probably change when you get a little older.

on tuesday, you came home! brett and i made you a little "welcome home teo" banner that we left on your front door, and we love that your parents still have it hanging. your first few days at home have gone great while you've figured out the ways of life, your parents have figured out the ways of parenthood, and you've enjoyed your first few visitors (mostly your grandparents & me and brett). most of the time you sleep when i visit, but you also really like to stretch out your legs when i hold you on my lap. yesterday you woke up for a bit to look at me, and that was pretty awesome.

everyone says new parents lose any sense of time, and i have to say- that's even happening to me! all of my visits with you have lasted 1-3 hours, which is usually between 2 and 15 times as long as i think they will be. you sure know how to capture our days, and our hearts.

we are all very excited to see what week 2 brings. i can't wait to see you soon.

auntie e

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jenna said...

this is the sweetest post! it made my heart so happy and full of love thinking about how lucky teo is to have you and b in his life. you guys have been amazing the past 11 days and i for one cannot wait to return the favor (all in due time of course...)