the beauty of having a quick & easy meal to reheat for dinner is that i have time and energy to be inspired for other culinary evening adventures. last night i made a big pot of applesauce with local cortland, honeycrisp & macintosh apples. i also made a double recipe of baked oatmeal. we've made it a few times last winter with mixed results depending on quality of  oats (no in instant oats!) and pans (no to cast iron!), so i tried a new recipe last night from joy the baker, one of my absolute favorite food bloggers. as is generally true with her recipes, it was amazing! b and i both enjoyed it immensely this morning-- to the extent that i could not wait to get to work to heat it up and enjoy after my morning workout. i skipped the raspberries and pistachios, and baked it with craisins & chopped apple instead. i also added a splash of maple syrup, because there is always, always room for syrup.

recipe can be found here.

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