home again.

the flight back east yesterday went well. i worked a bit, watched a sweet documentary about a whale, napped briefly, and wrapped up the flight with a bit of modern family.

karen & i made our way into montreal (city driving is not my forte) and found our hotel, which had been recommended by a coworker. it was a great, modern spot with a tremendous view of the city. the hotel is part of a tourism school, and i was very impressed. we settled in and then walked down saint-denis in search of dinner. we settled on fondue at an artsy spot, and had a great cozy meal before heading back to the hotel.

today we worked in the montreal office before driving home. all in all, it was an excellent trip. and yet, the feeling of returning home is one of the best in the world. pulling into the driveway, i was greeted by lu running in circles and brett chopping wood in his flannel. it felt like fall in vermont, and those two were just so happy to see me. we put a bit of the garden to bed, enjoyed a feast of cornbread & chili on the porch (thanks b!), played frisbee with lu at the playground, and then enjoyed homemade cookies (b was off today, and he was a rockstar) with milk while checking out mumford & sons' new album. oh home, i do love you.

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