checking back.

i thought it might be appropriate to check back in with you all. you might be concerned that at this point i'm eating cereal for every meal and frantically scrambling around.

fear not: i'm just fine.

it's definitely been a busy week (from sunday night to wednesday night i was home for a total of 4 awake hours), but it's calmed down and i've also enjoyed some really wonderful things. on tuesday night, i gathered with two generations of great friends for a potluck dinner. it was a beautiful evening of laughter and delicious food. my parents have created a community that has truly become my vermont family, and it's relatively rare that the whole clan gathers together. much of the crew was together on tuesday and it was such a treat!

wednesday i was busy at a conference, and then a follow up dinner meeting. in between, i managed to sneak out for a 20 minute run in the park with lu. the sun was shining and i had to enjoy it! it was perfect.

yesterday i traveled to the community of johnson to observe a literacy event that we funded through my work. it was a really pretty drive into the northern mountains, a morning of enthusiastic children & great books (two of my favorite things!), and then an afternoon spent working at home. i was able to squeeze in lunch with brett (an extreme rarity!)before starting my work, and then enjoyed a dog walk with jen, accomplished two loads of laundry, centered myself with a yoga class and cooked up two new recipes that i highly recommend (tomato-basil bread pudding & delicata squash). brett got to go canoeing & fishing with his best bud. and then we ate jenna's famous chocolate chip cookies with milk. so, we were all pretty darn happy. though i was still scrambling to clean up, pack up, and get to bed last night, i felt restored and back on track.

today might be the last hot & sunny day of "summer" so i just enjoyed lunch outside with some coworkers, and i'm looking forward to a good walk with lu tonight.

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