cape time.

brett, lu & i drove down to the cape last night. it was a smooth drive with little traffic, as the cape quiets down dramatically after summer "officially" ends on labor day. when i was itty bitty (pre-school age) my family would come down for this week- when there is still great summery weather, but the people have packed up and returned home.

we listened to van morrison in the car, channeling drives with dad. we stopped for ice cream at the bridge, channeling drives with mom. we arrived just in time to give gran a goodnight hug, and share a drink on the porch with robby.

today, brett & lu were up early for the sunrise and a drive to get donuts. we read with our coffee, and we walked/jogged to the lookout. now it's time for a kayak. we'll see how the dog does in a boat!

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