Robert Groves

it's been ten years today since he left us. 
i miss him always.

i remember gramp for his postum and marmalade in the morning.
for his love for boats- with sails, oars, and engines.
for his clever engineering and ability to solve any problem.
for the many games of uno he patiently played with me.
for afternoon naps on the beach, after filling up on sandy sandwiches.
for the many books he read.
for the dollhouse he built me.
for his lace-up swimming trunks.
for the beautiful round home he built for everyone to enjoy.
for his deep voice, hearty laugh, simple smile.
for the love with which he blessed us all.

today's storypeople story of the day is only appropriate:
"i know he's not really gone, she said,
but the world still feels smaller to me today."

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