hi friends.
i hope everyone's mondays are going well. i woke up early to a loud thunderstorm, tossed & turned for a bit, and reset my alarm to skip the gym. it's continued to be chilly and wet today, and i've been doing everything i can to keep warm. i switched into a long sleeved shirt when i went home, and made oatmeal for lunch. i brought hot cocoa back with me, and i still haven't taken my fleece off. i'll be honest- it's in the 50s. it's not freezing. but the shock of it has me chilled deeply!

it's come to my attention that my "happy list" may not be too prominent. under the header of the blog, there is a tab that says "home" and one that says "happy list." click on it for a treat. it's been up for about a month. had you noticed this before?

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