I called my mom after work today for a recipe and my neighbor, Thierry, answered. It was fun to chat with him for a moment, and to picture them standing out in the street chatting in the early evening sunshine.

I called her back about an hour later, and my dearest sister of a friend answered. Jenna has moved back to Montpelier and has started a new job at our old middle school this week.

I am jealous, and smiling, because of so many people I love being on the same street. Jenna being back in the neighborhood for now is surreal, and wonderful.

I grew up in the most idyllic, communal, beautiful neighborhood. When I was in middle school we had 24 kids on the street between the ages of 5 and 16. We played games, we ran barefoot, we had block parties, we had crushes on each other. I had multiple sets of parents, who I still adore and make sure to catch up with when I'm back visiting. I'm grateful.

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jenna said...

the street just isn't the same without you. please hurry back.