Have I mentioned how much I love the Olympics?





It's been somewhat tumultuous week for me, and watching the Olympics in the evening has been my go-to sanity. My love for the Olympics began with the 1992 & 1994 Olympics when I became Nancy Kerrigan's #1 fan and my five year figure skating passion began. I was certain that the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics would be my moment of glory. I spent many a day skating in my socks on the kitchen floor, rollerblading in the street, and of course taking figure skating lessons. Despite my "late" beginning in 5th grade, I fully believed I was on my way. HA.

The Olympics are particularly exciting this year as there are 17 Olympians who have connections to Steamboat. Particularly the Nordic Combined team, where three of the members grew up in Steamboat and another trained here extensively. The silver medal win last week by Johnny Spillane has the entire town jumping for joy!

I love the "spotlights" or as my mom and I call them, "Violin Moments." I love the commercials, I love the interviews, I love the anticipation and the excitement. I love the fierce compeition, and the dedication of the athletes. I love the families, I love the stories.

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