creating intentions

i went to a wonderful yoga class yesterday. it was challenging yet nourishing. as we closed our practice, the instructor explained that she tries to pull from all religions and had been thinking about lent. she said that she was not very good at depriving herself, but that she was taking the time of lent to focus on setting intentions for each day. she used the examples of taking her dog for a longer walk, or trying to smile more.
so, yesterday as i ended my practice, i set the intention of contacting three friends who i have not spoken with recently. last night i emailed two of my longest time friends, kate and lexie waite. and then i emailed my dear vassar friend, emma. it felt lovely.
today i have set the intention of writing notes to both of my grandmothers.
what will tomorrow have in store?

it all ties in nicely with the book i've just started. it is called "the happiness project" and it is written by a woman who set a one year plan for herself to increase her happiness. she isn't unhappy with her life, she just believes that setting personal goals for each month will help her to be even more satisfied with her life. she comes up with 12 themes and focuses on one for each month.
i bought the book because i once did my own happiness project. it only lasted a few months, during the fall of my final year at vassar. it was somewhat more retroactive, but at the end of each day i would write down one thing i had done for myself, or for someone else, each day. i called it my "purposeful joy" plan and loved it. it included bike rides on the farm, making dinner for my roommates, practicing yoga, writing letters, and on.

so perhaps my daily intentions will be my short term happiness project.

oh happy day!

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