The Stable Song.

I find music to be incredibly powerful, and certain songs I associate strongly with a particular emotion, place, or moment in time. Perhaps the single most powerful song for me in that regard is "The Stable Song" by Gregory Alan Isakov. This song is hauntingly beautiful, peaceful, and calming.

In my last couple years in Steamboat, I had a yoga routine that involved going to 6:30 am yoga classes a couple mornings a week. The Friday yoga teacher regularly played this song as the savasana song at the end of our yoga practice. This song resonated with me immediately and brought me into a sweet state of peace. For the past five or so years, every time I've heard it an immediate sense of peace and calm has washed over me, and nearly brought me to tears. It transforms me to a sweet, gentle place and also reminds me of the young oman I was in 2010: confident, strong, and eager.

Tonight I am going to see Gregory Alan Isakov in concert with my dear friend Kate. Here's to a night of deep breaths, peaceful moments, and sweet tunes!

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