The Best of Days.

One of the greatest blessings of our life in Vermont has been having the dearest of friends to share the big and little moments of each year. Jenna led the march back to Vermont five years ago, and I followed only 7 months later. We were, obviously, giddy to be neighbors again and to fall back into the routines of our shared youth, while also tackling adulthood side by side. The scary unknown was how well our boyfriends would get along, given that they had only met once before. We now joke that the dudes see even more of each other now than we do. It's literally been one of my biggest joys over the past few years. 

A few weeks ago the four of us got out for a ski day together. The last time all of us were on this lift together, B & I were freshly engaged, and Jenna and Al shared the news with us that they were having a baby (!!!). Life just keeps cruising by, with moments of joy as well as periods of stress and sadness. In every scene, I'm grateful for this crew by my side. xoxo

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Jenna Bravakis said...

Ah we love you too E!