signs of spring.

  • the first itty bitty purple crocus tips in the front garden. working so hard to shine on up.
  • two boys and a dog drinking beers in the sun on my front porch when i got home. no beer for the dog. one boy in mountain bike gear playing with his new bike. 
  • a wide open front door blowing a little breeze up into our apartment.
  • being able to walk downstairs and out the door (to the garbage cans, to the basement, wherever) without putting on a coat or thinking twice. i love the feeling in the summer of 'this is all my house' even when i walk outside. does that make any sense? typically, going outside to do any of the above (trash, laundry, dog duty) is a huge pain. in the summer, no big deal.
  • daylight!
  • wearing a dress with tights and FLATS instead of boots.
  • handing brett a $20 bill while he's peddling in circles on his cruiser (in his slippers) out front and saying: 'quick! bike down to chill to get me some of the sea salted caramel gelato they made today! they close in 10 minutes!' a total success.

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