an ode to life and joy.

i saw this little video posted on fb recently and just loved it. a few minutes of inspiration, living, and a song that grounds me so deeply. the song was the savasana song at my old friday yoga class in steamboat, and the first few notes take me straight back to that accomplished, humming, calm.

"and friends. of course, my friends. i try to collect moments. i step back and watch the movie that is my life for just a second, because it's easy to miss the good stuff, the magic, when it happens. i try really hard to realize it when it's amazing. and even when it's not...this one is for trying hard, for wonder, for people who rock out in the car and have the music turned up so loud everyone else waiting in traffic can hear it. and coffee. thank god for coffee."

life is simple. enjoy each day. choose your own adventure.

"i think it all adds up somewhere. and when it does, you're not doing something. you're being something. and what i want to be, is happy. excited. and inspired."

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